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Importance of food supplements

What are vitamins?
Vitamins, like minerals, are substances found in small amounts in our food and drink. Vitamins are essential for good health and normal growth and development, but vitamins do not provide energy. Our human body cannot make vitamins itself, with the exception of vitamin D, but that is sufficient for everyone, and in all circumstances. Vitamins are found in our diet, such as fruits, vegetables, meat and bread, among others. By eating a healthy diet daily, one normally gets enough vitamins, in some circumstances it is nevertheless necessary to supplement deficiencies by taking a dietary supplement.


What are minerals?
Minerals, like vitamins, are substances found in small quantities in our food and drink. Among other things, minerals are needed in the regulation of enzymes and hormones. Minerals are essential for the growth, repair and proper functioning of our bodies. Our bodies cannot produce minerals either, which is why healthy eating is of great importance. For people losing weight, or taking long-term medication, supplementing with minerals by taking a dietary supplement may be desirable.


Importance of food supplements
Vitamins and minerals are essential for your health. You may not always notice the effect of taking vitamins and minerals immediately, but your body cannot function without them. To get the right dose of vitamins and minerals to help you keep your body healthy and fit, it can be important to take a multivitamin supplement every day. This is because a large part of the Dutch population does not get enough vitamins and minerals from the diet. This is according to research by the RIVM. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The average English person does not get the recommended amount of vegetables, fruit and fish.
  • Our (western) diet does not contain enough vitamins and minerals in many cases.

Elan's dietary supplements are designed to enrich a healthy diet. A dietary supplement is a concentrated source of certain vitamins or minerals. The nutrients in the dietary supplement Elan , have a modified form, different from what they occur in nature. Your body can thus absorb them better and faster.


Eating a varied diet is the most important thing
In principle, under normal circumstances, you do not need nutritional supplements to stay healthy. A normal, healthy diet with lots of whole grain products, vegetables, fruit, dairy, healthy fats and plenty of variety is enough to get the right amounts of all nutrients. But for some people, it is recommended to take a dietary supplement to supplement their daily healthy diet. A food supplement is therefore not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Extra vitamins and minerals in the form of a dietary supplement to supplement the daily healthy diet is recommended for the following categories of people, among others : the elderly, pregnant women and people who have altered digestion due to surgery (also called Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) or bariatric surgery).


Can an overdose of vitamins be harmful?
Elan's dietary supplements are completely safe. Elan recommends that you use Elan's products only on the advice of your practitioner. You can then take Elan's products without risk to your health. The quantities are usually not so high that you ingest a harmful dose. If you do ingest too much, in most cases you simply urinate it out again.

Evidence has been found that too high amounts of vitamins A, B5, B6, B13, C and D can lead to certain complaints, but this hardly ever occurs. In fact, we are more likely to be deficient in these vitamins than surplus. Elan Compass and Believe products contain vitamins B5, B6, C and D in well-considered doses so you don't have to worry about overdosing if you follow Elan's dosage advice. Use Elan Compass and Believe products only on the advice of your practitioner.

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