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Magnesium Vital tablets
Magnesium Vital tablets

Magnesium Vital tablets

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Food supplement that contributes to fatigue reduction, normal resistance to stress and normal muscle function. Supplement with magnesium, vitamin B12 and zinc!
Content: 180 Magnesium Vital tablets for 3 months.

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Magnesium Vital tablets


Magnesium Vital tablets contribute to fatigue reduction, normal resistance to stress and normal muscle function. Magnesium Vital is a food supplement with magnesium, vitamin B12 and zinc!

Magnesium Vital helps people who experience a lot of stress and/or have a busy life. Magnesium Vital contains zinc and magnesium. Zinc has a positive influence on our body's resistance to stress and magnesium protects the brain and nervous system against excessive pressure and stress. Magnesium is a versatile mineral and plays a role in maintaining supple muscles. Convenient if you exercise a lot or intend to exercise (a lot). Magnesium also supports normal nervous system function. Magnesium is therefore often used by athletes, over-50s and students who want to regain their fitness. Magnesium Vital has been developed in close cooperation with various medical specialists and based on the latest scientific insights. Elan's high-dose Magnesium Vital tablets contain magnesium citrate. Your body can absorb this form of magnesium well, so you get the most out of your supplement and your diet is properly supplemented.

Here is a summary of the positive effects of Magnesium Vital for you:

Magnesium Vital can be used in combination with Prohair by Elan. 

Description: Food supplement
Dietary supplements are no substitute for a varied and balanced diet. 

Magnesium vital tablets

Ingredients: Minerals, fillers (microcrystalline cellulose, tricalcium phosphate), stabilisers (acidified sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, magnesium salts of fatty acids), glazing agents (hydropropyl methyl cellulose, glycerol, talc, carnauba wax), colouring agent (titanium dioxide), vitamin.

Elan's Magnesium Vital tablets are halal certified. 

Storage advice: Store below 25°C and in a dry place. Keep out of reach and sight of young children. This dietary supplement is not suitable for children up to 10 years of age. The product contains no added lactose, flavourings or fragrances.

Recommended dose: 2-4 tablets per day, preferably taken before or during meals with plenty of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consult your doctor for advice. 

Net weight: 147 grams
Content: 180 Magnesium Vital tablets | 3 months
ZI Index Magnesium Vital tablets: 16815599

Elan's Magnesium Vital tablets have been prepared with the greatest care. Should you still have any questions, you can ask Elan by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

Elan's (medical) professionals are ready to answer your question. Elan will make every effort to handle and answer your question as soon as possible. 

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